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When you scored your hole in one did you make the news?

When you scored your hole in one did you make the news? Here we keep up to date with all the latest facts, figures and news about that most amazing golfing achievement. Did you know there are about 12,000 registered hole-in-ones in HOWDIDIDO clubs each year in the UK? 

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Scored a hole in one sometime ago? Not a recent ace? Don't worry you can still register...

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Costa Del Sol Hidden Gems


Pete plays four lesser-known courses in a quest to win “The Amazing Trophy” from his cousin James Travelling abroad to play golf is I think one of life’s great pleasures. Unless you’re a t...

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Should Hole-in-one Etiquette Change?


H1 Club Hack Pete Richardson p...

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It’s a Funny Old Game


Golf is one of the oldest recreation sports on the planet, dating back at least 500 years.

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One to 13 – the Joy of The Open


H1 Hack Pete Richardson is glu...

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What Have You Won for a Hole-in-One?


The most common prize for a hole-in-one in professional golf seems to be a car. ...

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Proud H1 Club Dad


Here at H1 Towers we recently received an email from a very proud dad.

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Famous Names Join the Club


George Harrison, Daniel Craig, Steve Smith, Jonny Wilkinson, David Livingstone, Graham Smith, Gareth Edwa...

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H1 Club Hits New Milestone


While Brooks Koepka was celebrating winning his fourth Major this weekend another golfing milestone was a...

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