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We want to know more!

Almost every hole-in-one has a great story behind it.

The H1 Club rewards and records as may holes-in-one as possible and sometimes they just leave you wanting more.

When recording a hole-in-one on the H1 Club website each person has the opportunity to tell their story.

Let’s look at one example.

The story submitted by Brendon P Toohey MBE.

(Now we already want to know what he got his MBE for don’t we?)

But we do know Brendon P Toohey MBE recorded his ace for a shot he hit on July 5th on the 117-yard 10 at Marriott Tudor Park with a six iron.

He tells us the flag was “front right” and it was in the Summer Pairs.

Amazingly we learn it’s the same pin position and the same club as another hole-in-one he had. Fantastic.

And we also learn it’s his fourth hole-in-one, his third at Tudor Park.

His other hole-in-one was at Royal Cinque Ports in the Royal Engineers Annual Championships.

What’s your story?

We want to hear them all.

Register your hole-in-one with us and share your story – we all love reading them.

And if you know Brendon P Toohey MBE get him to tell us more.

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