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Two in one round!

David Stacey is one of the latest to record his hole-in-one achievement on the H1 Club website and become a member of the H1 club.

Not only did David make a hole-in-one, so did one of his playing partners in the same round.

David was competing in a 4-ball better-ball competition at La Manga Club in Spain with playing partner John Caines.

Their playing partners were two young Spanish girls who were playing as preparation for the Spanish Junior Open Championship later in the week.

Here’s what happened according to John: “One of the young ladies then had her first ever hole-in-one on the par 3 second. I then followed this with mine on the par 3 8th hole.

“I hit a 7 iron from an elevated tee the ball made one bounce and then skipped straight into the hole.

“There were then great celebrations by all as two holes in one in eight holes of golf was something very special. At the time my handicap was 21.”

Congratulations John.

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