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The European Tour has challenged Andy Sullivan to hit a hole-in-one with 500 attempts.

If you haven't seen this amazing European Tour video click the link below and prepare to be amazed.

Andy Sullivan tries to make a hole-in-one with 500 balls

And to be equally amazed here are the stats.
• 171 yards
• 7 iron
• 230 shots
• 217 Greens in Regulation (94%)
• 90 shots within 10ft (39%)
• 42 shots within 5ft (18%)
• 8 balls in the bunker (3%)
• 14.8 ft average proximity 
• 1 hole in one
Think about this one most of all – he hit the green on a 171 yard par three 217 times out of 230 attempts and almost 40% of his sots were to 10ft or less….
How would you do from that distance do you think?

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