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Sunday afternoons are made for watching sport

H1 Club hack Pete Richardson reflects on the greatest sporting comeback of all time and urges golfers around the world to be inspired to their own personal glories


Sunday afternoons are made for watching sport.

And the afternoon of Sunday April 14, has already been hailed as one of the greatest afternoons of sport in history.

As years go by it will be added to the list of global events which happened on April 14 which are remembered for centuries:

Abraham Lincoln was shot at the opera, The Titanic struck an iceberg and Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters.

The story is one of redemption, resilience, rebranding, rebirth and reward.

We now can reflect on Tiger winning his fifth Masters, his 15th Major championship, all 11 years after his last major triumph.

It’s a staggering achievement given all the hurdles he’s had to face, the quality and depth of modern professional golf, the challenge of Augusta and the pressure of 99% of the golfing world willing him on.

Tiger turns the dial when it comes to TV viewing…. The rule of thumb is that Woods’ presence on the first page of the leaderboard could double a Sunday TV audience across America.

Average viewing figures across a golf tournament increase by 34% when Tiger’s on telly.

So, his win bodes well for golf in general.

And to say it overshadowed some other amazing golfing achievements is the understatement of the decade.

For instance Bryson DeChambeau made his first ever hole-in-one (not only in competition, the first ace he’s had anywhere), finally breaking through at the 16th hole.

That ace was the 21st in Masters history at 16, and Justin Thomas later followed with No. 22.

You may recall Tiger was also only a whisker away as he stormed to glory.

Interestingly, there has been only one Masters hole-in-one at the fourth hole (by Jeff Sluman in 1992), five aces at the sixth, and three at the 12th.

Now it’s your turn golfers of the world.

Be inspired by Tiger and start aiming for your own personal glories.

Win a club competition, break par, lower your handicap by five, keep a six of your card, score a hole-in-one and join the H1 Club!

Whatever your personal goal in golf can it be as a fraction as hard as what Tiger achieved on the afternoon of Sunday April 14, 2019?

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