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By James Dobbin

A lot of variables go into golfing excellence – practise, talent, the ability to perform under pressure – but for some, a little superstitious reasoning is the added edge needed to get into the zone.

And, much like Tiger Woods with his famous red shirt, Stuart Gregor, 34, found the zone while donning his lucky flat cap – albeit to the ribbing of his golfing chums – and went on to achieve a hole-in-one. 

The Merchant Navy captain, from Glasgow, scored his ace on the 105-yard, par-three sixth at Playsport GC, in East Kilbride, and the 10-handicapper – who achieved the feat using his 50-degree wedge – was rewarded with membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club and a specially-commissioned, commemorative timepiece.

He said: “I had turned up to the course that morning wearing a flat cap and took a lot of ribbing and comments about looking like Del Boy and Bagger Vance; I told them it was my lucky cap – how right I was!

“The sixth green is blind – you play to an elevated hole about 20 metres above the tee box – but I hit a good shot and played it exactly where I wanted, about one yard to the right of the pin.

“As we walked up to the green, I got to a position where I could see the flat of the green: it was then I realised I couldn’t see my ball.

“I looked at my playing partner, sheepishly, and said: ‘where’s my ball?’ but then we both grinned and he asked: ‘do you want me to check the hole?’

“My playing partner was club champion last year and has played golf with me ever since my first round of more than 100, so I felt a complete rush of joy when he informed me it was in the hole.

“The pitch mark was about six feet behind the hole, so the ball must have spun backwards into the hole. I would have loved to see it drop in from the tee box, but the experience has given me the confidence to think I can score another one.”

He added: “The day also resulted in the best score I’ve ever achieved – plus four – even though the three holes after the sixth were the hardest to play; I was still beaming, and finding it difficult to concentrate.

“Thanks to the BOSS Watches H1Club for making it extra special. As an amateur golfer, this may be my finest hour and, if it is, I’ll recall it fondly for years to come.”

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