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Starting 2019 with a Hole-in-One

Some of the newest members of the H1 Club started 2019 with a bang.

But it seems no-one has recorded an ace on New Year’s Day or even January 2nd.

The first three people to record their amazing sporting start to the year are Christine Galbraith, Robert Lilley and David Hollobon, who aced the 11th at Walmer and Kingsdown on January 3rd.

David’s description will inspire many when he describes a rather lucky shot on the 11th with a rescue club.

He said: “Sadly, I cannot report that it was a perfectly hit shot to a perfect distance, a mis-hit 7 iron that barely got 6 feet off the ground, skirting round the protective bunker at the front of the green and a run up the green to a back flag where it was probably fortunate that the hole got in the way. I didn’t even see it drop, my colleague thought that it had and on reaching the green found that to be the case. A classic case of being lucky rather than good”.

Also on Jan 3rd Christine Galbraith aced the 9th at Mid-Kent, while Robert Lilley holed out on the 130-yard 8th at Gosfield Lake.

While 2019 stared with celebration for some, 2018 ended with a bang for others.

The last holes-in-one recorded on the H1 website were from Stanley Francis at Lakes Course and Scott Mullen at Elgin, both on December 30th.

So, it seems no-one aced on New Years Day or New Year’s Eve – unless you now better?

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