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Proud H1 Club Dad

Here at H1 Towers we recently received an email from a very proud dad.

It came from Mark Mumford and refers to his son Matt.

Matt is an aspiring golfer hoping to make a mark on the world stage.

And Matt has just achieved his fifth hole-in-one.

For his fourth dad bought him the special H1 Club watch because his ace wasn’t in a club competition and therefore, he didn’t qualify for a free one – as many do!!

What a nice dad.

And what a proud dad.

His email prompts us to go and have a look at Matt’s achievements so far in golf as he strives to become a successful touring pro.

Dad said: “I spoke to you regarding my son Matt making a hole in one (no. 4) and I treated him to the Boss watch you had on offer at that time. I just wanted to let you know last week he made another and is now up to number 5!!

“There is a link below to his website - hope it works you can read all about them -”

Nice to see Matt with his own Hole in One Club – its not as good as H1 Club obviously but we wish him well on his journey and hope he’s wearing his Boss watch with pride.

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