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President helpless as opponent hits hole-in-one

Obama watches as Republican rival scores ace during round with POTUS

Republican senator Saxby Chambliss, above, hit a hole-in-one during a round of golf with President Obama – then quipped it would strengthen his party during upcoming negotiations.

Chambliss sunk the shot on a military base golf course in Washington during a round arranged by Obama to help him forge better ties with opponents to get legislation on welfare through Congress.

Usually, the player who pulls off the shot buys drinks for his fellow golfers, but not Chambliss.

He said: “I told him since I’d made a hole-in-one, he ought to give us everything we want on entitlement reform.”

Sadly for the Georgia senator, his wasn’t an official club round ratified by HowDidiDo, so it was close, but no watch. However, like anybody scoring a hole-in-one the senator could still register to become a member of the BOSS Watches H1 Club. 

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