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By James Dobbin

Harrogate golfer Derek Lunn’s nightmare turned to a moment of sheer ecstasy after he aced his most hated hole at his home club during an October medal competition. 

Lunn, 71, scored his ace on the 141-yard, par-three 10th at Pannal GC, and the 21-handicapper was rewarded with membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club and a specially-commissioned, commemorative timepiece.

He said: “This was a hole I had not been playing well; rather than teeing off with an iron, like I usually do, I used my favourite seven-wood and gripped the club a little lower down the shaft.

“Concentrating on a slow backswing and then on the downswing, I made sure I had a full follow through: I hit a superb shot, with a slight draw and good height.

“I saw it land on the green and knew it would be close to the hole. As I approached the green, there were some golfers teeing off on a nearby hole who signalled it had rolled in.”

He added: “I had seen our club pro, David Padgett, before I went out – when I was getting my card – and told him: ‘that 10th hole is giving me nightmares’.

“He told me to ‘just go and face it with confidence’. When I got back off the 18th, David was outside and he was so pleased for me.

“Things like this always happen when you least expect it. I’ve played with some very good players who’ve never done it.

“This is my third hole-in-one after 55 years of playing – the others were on the fourth at Moortown in 1992 and the 15th at Pannal last November – but this is my first in a club competition.”

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