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New evidence of a hole-in-one

Pete Richardson was worried his ace might not count. Now he provides new “proof”.

A few months ago, H1 Club resident hack Pete Richardson explained he had a hole-in-one while playing on his own but was worried it might not count. Now he provides new “proof”.


I have previously publicly stated that I am a bit worried that my hole-in-one might not count.

It is one of my proudest golfing moments but I recently discovered that the USGA recommends that a hole in one be considered valid only:

If made during a round of at least nine holes – CHECK

If the player is playing one ball; a hole in one made in a practice round in which the player is playing two or more balls should not be acceptable - CHECK

If made at a hole with a temporary tee and/or putting green in use, even if the Committee did not specifically define the teeing ground with tee-markers; the length of the hole at the time should be stated on any certificate – NO, IT WAS A FULL COUSE SO - CHECK

If attested by an acceptable witness – AHHHHH….

This is my problem, I was playing a practice round …on my own. Just one ball, and playing as a full round, but on my own non-the-less.

I know I hit the 7-iron tee shot on the 7th at Legend Golf & Safari Resort’s Signature Course into the hole. But no-one was there to see it… on the 8th tee and nobody behind me.

But now I have proof – setting up my new phone I discovered lots of archived pictures, and there in a little file are the three photos I took on December 3, 2015. One of the hole, one of the ball, and one of the ball in the hole.

Irrefutable proof.

You may not believe me but I know what I did and I’m with Tom Gorman, co-owner of the Pompey Club in the USA and a master rules official who has served at the Ryder Cup and PGA Championship.

He says it is valid and explained the central reason why.

He said: “The game of golf is built around integrity.”

Gorman noted that there is “nothing in the rules book” that disqualifies an unwitnessed one-shotter and explained that it falls under the same category of posting a score that you make while playing alone to help establish your handicap.

And I now have the pictures to prove it.

The one thing that worries me is that I hardly ever use Top Flite balls – perhaps I should use them more often.

Let us know if you have ever had a hole-in-one while playing on your own and we can tell your story.

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