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Most likely to get a hole-in-one.....

A survey based on more than 20,000 American’s has found some fascinating statistics about “average” holes-in-one.

While we don’t think any hole in one is average, we want to share the findings with you.

Firstly, the average age of a golfer achieving a hole-in-one is 45.7.

And the average handicap is 13.8.

So, if you’re a 45-year-old playing off almost 14 then prepare yourself.

But you need to have been playing golf for 17.9 years. That’s the average number of years playing golf to register your first ace.

And your lucky day is most likely to be a Friday, the day of the week most likely for you to hole out.

We can also tell you which club you are most likely to use – it’s a 7-iron.

And the distance of the hole – 150.25 yards.

So, if you’re a 14-handicapper playing on a Friday aged 45, stood on the tee of a 150-yard Par 3 with a 7-iron in your hand then watch out as statistically that’s your biggest chance.

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