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Kenneth's hole-in-one is longest yet!

Paisley golfer aces a 292-yard par-four hole

More than 450 golfers have so far received a limited-edition BOSS watch for scoring a hole-in-one during a club competition, but Kenneth Montgomery, from Paisley, recorded his on a par-four, with the longest recorded so far.

Montgomery, 35, scored his ace on the 292-yard, par-four fourth, at his club, Troon-Welbeck, and the four-handicapper was rewarded with membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1 Club and a specially-commissioned, commemorative timepiece.

Montgomery - a lifelong Ayrshire inhabitant - works at Glasgow Airport and he has been a member at Troon-Welbeck for seven years. His mammoth effort was the longest hole-in-one recorded so far in the BOSS Watches H1 Club reward scheme, which has been running nationwide since April 15.

Montgomery said: “I decided to have a go at the green that day since the weather was good - you need to carry it 270 yard to clear the bunkers.

“As soon as I hit the ball I just knew it was a big drive and it was also on a great line. The green is elevated about 20 or 30 feet so I saw the ball clear the bunkers and bounce nicely so I was hoping it was going to be close!

“As I walked up to the green there was no ball to be seen, so my playing partner suggested I look in the hole. I did so and to my sheer delight the ball was sitting there staring back at me, this was my first ever hole-in-one!”

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