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Identical twins share special hole-in-one moment

By James Dobbin

Roland Galbraith is no stranger to defying the odds – being an identical twin he beat odds of 250 to one the day he was born.

But the Sheffield golfer beat the odds again recently, this time at 12,500 to one with a hole-in-one – and, better yet, while playing with his twin brother.

And next time he throws down the gauntlet for another twin golfing challenge, he’ll have no excuse for missing his tee-time, since he received a limited-edition, commemorative BOSS timepiece as recognition for the achievement.

Galbraith, 66, scored his ace on the 176-yard, par-three 15th at Abbeydale GC, and the five-handicapper was also rewarded with membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club.

He said: “This hole is a tough one; it goes a long way through trees and over a gully to a long, narrow green, guarded by troublesome bunkers to the left and right.

“In previous rounds, I had not been playing this hole very well and was hitting poor shots. This shot, however, went unerringly straight and looked better than my actual strike of the ball.

“It landed just short of the hole and rolled toward the flag, and my brother said, ‘that’s pretty close!’ I replied that it had rolled past. Thinking no more about it, we strolled towards the hill, which obscured the view of the green, and I made my way past the left-hand bunker.

“When we walked up to the green, I could only see two balls visible – we were playing a three-ball Stableford – and my brother exclaimed, ‘it’s in the hole; it must be!’ I approached the hole, reached down and saw my ball at the bottom – brilliant!

“I was playing with my twin brother, Steve, and good friend, John, when I achieved my hole-in-one. Uncannily, my brother and I play off exactly the same handicap – 4.9 – and both started golf when we were 27. Before this hole-in-one, we each had five holes-in-one, and have on a number of occasions finished the season on exactly the same handicap – to the decimal point.”

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