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H1Club is Born!

From 15th April the first of many rewards will start to be generated for the very elite of golfers who have shot a hole in one.

Time was when all you got for a hole in one was a sense of personal achievement and a large bar bill, as all of your golfing friends gathered around you to help you celebrate your achievement. But thanks to the H1Club, that will now change.

HowDidiDo has teamed up with BOSS Watches, Hugo Boss and The Telegraph to offer every HowDidiDo golfer the opportunity to augment that sense of personal achievement with membership to the exclusive H1Club and by receiving a limited edition BOSS H1Club watch.

Research tells us that around 4,000 holes-in-one are scored each golfing season, so spread the word and get the buzz going in your club. The reward programme will run throughout 2013 and every golfer that uses the Club 2000 software is eligible to take part with the opportunity to win an exclusive BOSS Watches timepiece. Of course, we still welcome those of you who aren’t part of HowDidiDo; though you won’t be eligible for the limited edition BOSS watch, we’d still like to reward you with membership to the H1Club if you score a hole in one anywhere in the world.

Your club should have received an information pack by now which will give some more detail about the H1Club. If it’s not on display, speak with your club management, then get out there, sharpen up the short game and get involved.

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