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Famous Names Join the Club

What have the following famous names got in common?

George Harrison, Daniel Craig, Steve Smith, Jonny Wilkinson, David Livingstone, Graham Smith, Gareth Edwards, Alan Kennedy and Steve Martin.


Well these are just a few of the names of the 20,000 members of the UK’s leading club celebrating holes-in-one – The H1 Club.

Take George Harrison for instance.

Now George may not be a Beatle, but he certainly is a member at Normanby Hall GC.

And he has just celebrated his first hole-in-one after 40 years of golfing.

Here’s his story: “I was playing in the Seniors Medal with my friends Richard Wrigley, Bob Hall and Richard Crowston. I wasn’t playing great, just an average game. When we got to the 8th tee, the tee boxes on the yellow tees were quite far back, so I decided to hit my favourite club, a 21-degree Titleist rescue. As soon as I hit it I could tell it was right on the money, absolutely straight for the flag. I was shouting after it, “be right ball, be right”. No-one saw the result of the shot. There is a little dip behind the bunker guarding the hole, and I thought had stuck in moisture in this dip. When we walked to the green, no ball. I daren’t look in the hole. Bob Hall walked to the pin and shouted, “Here’s the ball, in the hole!” My first hole-in-one, after playing golf for about 40 years, for days after my 70th birthday. On Wed 15th I won the Mid-week medal. Must have been my week!”

Happy birthday George.

Here’s to all our members, and not just those with a famous sounding name. Like David Livingstone…..Dr Livingstone I presume?


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