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Don’t be afraid of long Par 3s

Our research reveals a hole-in-one IS possible

Long Par 3s are often the hardest holes in a golf course.

When we stand on the tee and see its more than 200 yards to the pin, we often just hope to get close to the green, especially if it’s into the wind.

But a little research done by the H1 Club, the leading club for those who have achieved a hole-in-one, reveals we maybe shouldn’t be that scared.

For example, take Clive Rees, from Whalley Golf Club who aced the 212 yard 12th on October 26th.

Or Robert Murray from Bonnybridge Golf Club who made a hole-in-on at 210-yard 4th on Oct 6th.

Then there’s Kevin Fitzgerald from Hermitage GC, Dublin, at the 4th, 230 yards – 1 September and

Keith Wick, Whitby GC, No 14, 201 yards – 9 Oct or Alan Breeze, Balbirnie GC, No 14, 202 yards – 30th September.

Indeed, the H1 Club registered a rather surprising 21 holes-in-one over 200 yards in just a few weeks between mid-August and October 2018.

That role of honour also includes:

Stephen Locke, Pyle & Kenfig, No 15, 205 yards – 29 September

Ronnie McLeod, Old Course Ranfurly GC, No 7, 208 yards – 22 September

Simon Ellery, Windermere GC, No 2, 211 yards – 16 August

Colin Budd, Pyecombe GC, No 13, 224 yards – 16 September

Mark Henshaw, Chilwell Manor GC, No 4, 205 yards – 15 September

Trevor Greenfield, Haywards Heath GC, No 17, 210 yards – 14 September

Ken Milligan, Callander GC, No 9, 232 yards – 8 September

Lee Driver, Sleaford, No 15, 208 yards – 16 September

Simon Douglas McDade, Knighton GC, No 6, 224 yards – 16 September

Kyle Elkerton, Arrow Park GC, No 11, 203 yards – 15 September

Carol Learmouth, Pitreavie GC, No 10, 200 yards – 20 September

John Evans, Abergavenny GC, No 12, 210 yards – 15 September

Robert Lindsay Currie, Powfoot GC, No 15, 205 yards – 29 August

Stuart Edwards, Kilworth Springs GC, No 2, 213 yards – 11 August

Paul Morgan, Alton GC, No 1, 284 yards – 9 September

Jennifer Dick, Turnhouse, No 17, 238 yards – 31 August

So, don’t be afraid of long Par 3s……all these people have aced one and become members of the H1 Club.

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