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Son watches as father achieves hole-in-one

By James Dobbin 

A perfectly-timed golf swing gave Joel Bissitt an opportunity every father dreams of: the satisfaction of showing his son how it’s done.

And, as he holed his ace during a recent club competition, the Seaford golfer was rewarded with a limited-edition BOSS watch as recognition for the achievement.

Bissitt, 44, scored his ace on the 142-yard, par-three 10th at his club, Seaford Head, East Sussex, and, to mark his feat, the four-handicapper received membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club and a specially-commissioned, commemorative timepiece.

Management consultant Bissitt said: “I was playing golf with my son, Curtis, in the monthly medal competition. I don’t usually hit my gap wedge 142 yards, but there was a strong tailwind and the ball landed on the green – and then went in.

“It was all a bit surreal; to achieve an ace in a competition was unbelievable. Curtis and I both shouted really loud and I had a round of applause from the group playing behind us, which was a bit embarrassing.

“I was playing well and had to really focus afterwards as the conditions were tough, but I finished well and even won the competition.”

Bissitt began playing golf when he was seven but put the clubs away when he was 17, taking an extended hiatus until just six years ago, and has since then tallied a whopping four aces.

And it appears his talent for holing his tee shots runs in the family, as his 14-year-old son – who has only been playing a year – achieved his first hole-in-one last June, a moment for which the proud father was present.

He added: “Curtis and I play together all the time; he’s my number one golfing partner. I decided to give him my BOSS watch as a souvenir.”

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