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Checkout our NEW shop items - New H1Club holeinone Golf gloves available

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Our shop needs all its members to support it and wear the club badge with pride

With this in mind we have added lovely soft fabric H1Club polo shirts for men and women in white and black all sporting the H1 Holeinone club logo and text. These sport breathable fabric shirts are surely a great gift for anniversaries, Father's and Mother's days and even the Christmas stocking.

....or just a treat for yourself.

Brand new too are gorgeous white sheep leather golf gloves with the H1Club logo detail on the velcro and leather fastener. 

We also added new certficates to download, print and even professionally printed and framed certificates so you know the blacks will be black and the colours vibrant.

We hope you are all enjoying your watches and will soon be wearing something special from the H1Club shop too. 

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