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Wife matches her husband's hole-in-one feat

By James Dobbin

Oakhill golfer Jo Carter was quick to give her husband some friendly banter after scoring a hole-in-one just two months after he did.

Husband Shaun, 55, who plays off 24, was delighted when he produced his moment of magic on the 178-yard, par-three 10th hole at Farrington Park GC – where both he and his wife hold membership.  

He said: “As is the norm for a 24-handicapper, I was following a poor 26-point Saturday with a really good 42 point Sunday. I narrowly missed the hole on our short 120-yard fifth and it appeared that nearly every shot I took was going where I intended.

“Desperate for a handicap cut, I was totally focussed on the scoring so when I lost sight of my ball on the 10th, I wasn’t very happy. My partner and I searched for the ball – left, right, behind the green – without luck.

“I was just about to take the buggy back to the tee when I happened to glance in the hole on the way past, at which point I saw my little ball staring back at me. It didn’t really sink in until we signed cards at the end of the round and I saw one for five points on the card.”

But, just two months later, wife Jo – who plays off 19 – was quick to prove she could match her husband when she registered an ace on the par-three fifth at the same club.  

She said: “A touch of local knowledge made the shot – off a left-hand bank and straight into the hole – total shock.

“Back in the clubhouse my husband was not impressed as he’s been flashing his watch at me ever since he had his hole-in-one. Still, he couldn’t have been too upset as he organised the jugs of Pimm’s for us once we finished.”

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