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Peter Light achieves an ace after recovering from a stroke and losing a leg

By James Dobbin 

Scoring a hole-in-one is a remarkable feat in itself but amputee Peter Light defied massive odds to achieve every golfer’s dream – despite recovering from a stroke and having only one leg.

Light, who hails from Cardiff, scored his ace on the 160-yard, par-three 15th at Whitchurch GC, and the eight-handicapper was rewarded with membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club and a specially-commissioned, commemorative timepiece.

He said: “I started playing golf when I was 10 and achieved my first hole-in-one 19 years ago after already having played the game for 33 years.

“Since then, I have recovered from a stroke and had my left leg amputated in 2008, but with the support of my golfing buddies, I was able to continue playing the game I love and play on average about twice a week.

“I feel incredibly proud of myself, especially since I’ve had to change my game completely since I lost my leg. My secret for a hole-in-one is that as long as I’m still standing after hitting the ball, I’ve got a chance.”

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