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By James Dobbin 

A husband-and-wife duo has laid claim to being the luckiest golfing couple in England after they each achieved a hole-in-one … on the same hole, just six days apart.

John Stephenson, 63, from Leeds, was first to produce his moment of magic after he holed his tee shot during a Stableford competition on the 168-yard, par-three 17th at Sand Moor GC – where both he and his wife hold membership.

The 13-handicapper said: “Having had a particularly uneventful round, I managed to strike a good four-iron. My playing partners all remarked that it was a good shot. I thought it had gone long but was very surprised to see it in the hole – drinks for all in the clubhouse.”

And, just six days later, wife Shelagh – who plays off 16 – was quick to prove she could match her husband when she notched an ace on the same hole to make the couple the talk of the clubhouse.

She said: “Approaching the 17th tee, I said to my playing partners, ‘wouldn’t it be great if I could manage a hole-in-one on the same hole that my husband got one on last weekend’.

“I hit a five-wood and one of my playing partners thought it had gone in the hole, while the other thought it had gone long.

“I’m thrilled to say it was in the hole – five points and I won the competition. We all enjoyed drinks in the bar afterwards.”

John added: “I was delighted when Shelagh got her hole-in-one, especially on the same hole with the same pin position – I wonder what the odds are for that to happen.

“The only difference between our aces was that she won her competition and I didn’t. I think the secret to getting a hole-in-one is pure luck!”

John and Shelagh play together regularly and have even won a few of the titles in the mixed section at Sandmoor.

What’s more, besides being smiled upon by the golfing gods, they were each awarded a limited-edition BOSS timepiece and membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club.

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