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Ace or Albatross?

Here at H1 Club HQ we’ve recently had a discussion about whether you’d rather have a hole-in-one or an albatross.

Now given that we’re the world’s leading celebrator of hole-in-one we were obviously going to side with the ace.

But what do you think?

Would you rather score a hole-in-one or make a two on a Par 5?

You could kill two birds with one stone (An albatross and an eagle?) by acing a Par 4 for a hole-ine-one and an albatross – but seriously – would you rather hit a hole-in-one or make albatross?

It’s way, way, more difficult to score an albatross – with odds of in excess of one million to one whereas the odds of an ace for an average golfer are just about 12,000 to 1.

Given that only a small percentage of golfers, less then 10 percent, ever reach a par 5 in two – it means an albatross is literally out of reach of most of us. That means 90 percent of golfers don't have a chance of making one.

So – albatross or ace?


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