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Hole in One

Thomas Walton

  • 11th
  • Huyton & Prescot Golf Club
  • 11
  • 120y
  • 16/05/2020

Just following the COVID 19 lockdown restrictions which had stopped golf courses being open for 7 weeks, my first round back after not swinging a club for months on the 11th hole I hit my first ever hole in one. The hole was playing shorter than usual with the tee being at the front of the tee box and a red flag(front), I hit a pitching wedge which we wasn't sure was going to clear the bunker at the front of the green at first. After just clearing the bunker my ball spun left off the back of the bunker and towards the hole, unfortunately we couldn't see the hole and was unsure until we got to the hole to confirm if it was in or not, although I claimed it was in as soon as it spun towards the hole, more hoping if anything!

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Thomas Walton