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Hole in One

Jeff Masters

  • 5th
  • Ashford (Kent) Golf Club
  • 5
  • 116y
  • 12/02/2020

After a poor start to my round I approached the 5th tee with some trepidation. With the wind in my face and a pond to carry to the green I elected to play an 8 iron. As I played my shot I knew I had connected well with the ball and it flew into the air followed by calls of, 'Great shot!', from my playing partners. The ball bounced five feet from the pin and after a short hop with backspin and a few little bounces more, disappeared into the hole. There were looks of disbelief, followed by wild scenes and high fiving. This was my first hole in one in more than forty years of playing the game and the sense of satisfaction was amazing. A truly memorable day!!

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Jeff Masters