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Hole in One

Michael Paton

  • 4th
  • Fairfield Golf and Sailing Club
  • 4
  • 135y
  • 10/07/2019

Ever since I was a young kid I had played golf, my Dad sort of forced me, but I grew to LOVE it! I had my first hole in one as a junior, playing in practice round on my own. Nobody to celebrate with or even witness it. That hole is no longer exists after a redesign. I still have the ball though. I have waited 12 years to get another. the 4th hole was playing a bit shorter than usual, 135 on the day. A few weeks previously I had completed the Macmillan Longest Golf Day Challenge, 4 rounds in a single day, and played brilliant. Feel free to sponsor us Since then, my game had gone off the boil a little. Trying a few different swing thoughts I just grabbed my 9 iron and ripped it! The green is small round green, almost perfectly flat, but on a big tilt from left to right. I usually play with a slight fade, but for some reason this ball came out with a baby draw on it, bounced about 15 foot short of the pin and nestled up to the flag stick and in! It was a special moment, playing with friends and being in a competition! Much better than celebrating on your own at 14! It is our Captain's weekend this weekend coming, so I am saving the Whisky for then! Bottoms up!

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Michael Paton