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Hole in One

Irene Lee Donohoe

  • 13th
  • Pestana Vila Sol, Vilamoura P,ortugal
  • 13
  • 158y
  • 17/07/2018

For once I did not buy a Million Dollar Hole in One ticket - it was for charity, and to my shame I did not contribute because I had been playing so badly. Inevitably, I hit a perfect shot with my driver (!), the ball soared into the air and on to the green below us. When we got down there, there was the ball in the hole, grinning up at me. So we lost the chance to go to Las Vegas for the MDHIO challenge finals! That will teach me not to be so tight in future - ten euros was all that was wanted. Grrrrr!!

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Irene Lee Donohoe