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Hole in One

Thomas Smith

  • 10th
  • Sand Moor Golf Club
  • 10
  • 170y
  • 14/04/2019

After a VERY average front 9 I stepped up to the 10th tee, uttering the words to my two friends.. "I'm giving up golf after this round". Not more than 30 seconds later, I'm hugging them both, fist pumping the air shouting "I LOVE GOLF!" The Shot 170 yards out, into the wind, pin at the front. Floated it in with a slight draw, mouth wide open at this point. It dropped 2 feet from the hole, I thought this could be close. It started to move again, then, to the surprise of myself and two friends it disappeared. I screamed like a schoolgirl, putting off the group behind putting on the 9th. What a day! PS. Some guy called Tiger Woods also won the Masters for the first time in 14 years but that's small fry compared to this.

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Thomas Smith