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Hole in One

Sean Kellegher

  • 10th
  • Corballis golf links K36 WF22
  • 10
  • 175y
  • 07/01/2019

Wel it was abit tricky wind was blowing hard down towards flag! 175 yards to middle green. flag was towards back of it. 1 of the guys played different type of shot before me didnt work out great, I was hitting ball well so I fancied my full 9iron get it up into the wind and let it do its work.. I hit it exactly the way I wanted to!! Bounced on the green I taught frontish maybe another smaller bounce then disappeared... I taught I over did it! Other guys said no that's in the hole ha ha. I wanted to believe them but didnt wana set myself for disappointment so I stuck with it no its gona over the back of the green. When we got there there you go it was sitting nicely in the hole...couldn't believe it!! Taught this day was never going to come. 9 iron with a wel worn titleist prov1 ball that has lasted me around 5 rounds now (must be a lucky ball) anyways that is my story am over the moon.

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Sean Kellegher