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Hole in One

John Agate

  • 9th
  • West Wilts
  • 9
  • 158y
  • 17/11/2018

Haven't been playing that well for a while but you know you can hit good shots - just not consistently. Playing in a 4 ball - I was last to play and the other 3 had already hit decent shots up to the green (which has a blind flag) - you want see the top of it - but not the bottom. Last to play and last to walk up to the green - saw 3 balls, 2 of which were within 3-4 feet. Hoped one of those might be mine. Two players checked their balls and then shouted to me what ball was I playing? I duly confirmed my ball and it's markings - and then they said - "Johnny - it's in the hole"! To say I was delighted was an understatement!! They allowed me to retrieve my ball from the hole but unfortunately, none of us had a camera to record the event. The rest of the round was a blur and I think I scored 35 points but I wouldn't have cared if I'd scored 45 - I wouldn't swap it for the hole in one!!

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John Agate