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Hole in One

George Sancaster

  • 14th
  • Northumberland GC
  • 14
  • 151y
  • 20/10/2018

It was a cold and windy day I wasn’t playing with my normal group of lads as they were going to the match (Newcastle Utd) so I played with a couple of lads I had played with a few times before J Peart and Alister Murray my golf wasn’t great as I was struggling with a bad back and as we got to 14 I said well it’s our last chance to get a two and receive something out of the 2s sweep, the hole at 14 is played across Newcastle racecourse playing 151 yards on the day the flag was tucked away on the top tier on the far right of the green. I hit a 7 iron as it was fairly windy and cold the ball pitched on the top tier just right of the flag and rolled left as we were looking, John said that looks close I’m sure it hit the hole as I looked at the flag the ball did seam close but from that distance it’s difficult to tell, as I put my club in my bag and started to walk off the tee box John said it’s IN as I looked I couldn’t see the ball where as a few seconds earlier I could, the ball must have been resting against the flag and must have dropped in the hole as we were about to come off the tee box, handshakes took place on the way to the green and when we got to the hole sure enough my Titleist number 3 was in the hole Ali and John were really excited I’m not sure if they have had one going off their reaction no they haven’t! I’ve been lucky this is my 3rd one but I waited over 35 years or so for my 1st one so fingers crossed John and Ali have one soon as it’s a fantastic feeling.

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George Sancaster