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Hole in One

Anthony (Tony) David Ross

  • 11th
  • Crieff - Dornoch
  • 11
  • 196y
  • 02/11/2018

It's never too late to start. After not playing for 20 years, I decided to take up golf again during the glorious summer of 2018 and at the age of 71. Having now played around 40 rounds, had lessons from David Murchie our local professional, I now have achieved a handicap of 19 based on our 18 hole course. On the morning of 2nd November I joined-in my first competition with the Crieff Seniors who play the smaller 9 hole Dornoch course during the winter. It is a course I have only played twice before and never a second round from the back tees. When we reached the eleventh (second hole) I noticed my playing partners taking their drivers, I would normally drive much further than 200yds, but decided I should do likewise and hit it a little softer. This hole, like many at Crieff, is on a slope and from the back tee you have to aim to land your ball above the green that is raised up from the back and lower side, so from the upper slope your ball runs down onto the green. On the day the flag was at the back of the green, which I measured to be 208 yards on the day and my shot did exactly what I wanted and I saw the ball run onto the green moving fairly slowly across toward the flag and then disappear. At 200+ yards I thought it had rolled off the back – who expects a hole in one. So when I reached the green I went to the back to check where I thought the ball had run over and it wasn't to be seen, at which point Bill, one of my playing partners, said you better check the hole and sure enough my Taylormade TP5x ball, which I had marked with three red dots, was sitting in the cup! The rest of the day, especially the evening, was rather expensive although worth every penny.

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Anthony (Tony) David Ross