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Hole in One

Martin McGrath

  • 14th
  • Greenore Golf Club
  • 14
  • 146y
  • 30/10/2018

Was playing our Tuesday Singles open, first 9 had only 15 pts, this left me needing a good back nine to hit the buffer zone , anyway started the back 9 birdie birdie followed up by 2 bogeys at 12&13, said to my playing partners their is my 2 birdies wiped put, so Jim hit first on 14 par 3 and shanked it, i was up next stepped back 2 club lengths teed it up and hit a sweet 9 iron tracking the flag landed about 5 feet short, Sean , says i think thats in the hole, we said no way its over the back, but to my delight it was in the hole Sean was the first to check curiosity was getting the better of him, but he left it for me to pick it out, happy days.

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Martin McGrath