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Hole in One

Jim Chitty

  • 5th
  • Hill Barn Golf Club Hill Barn Lane Worthing West Sussex BN14 9QF UK
  • 5
  • 121y
  • 29/10/2018

On paper this hole looks easy but from elevated tee looking down onto the green you know a line of bunkers run across the front of the green. There are also bunkers to the right and slopes left and behind green if you over hit your shot. So for most golfers it is quite easy to get into trouble. On the day the pin was in the top right corner of the green. Having played the course for a number of years I knew I needed to land ball on left side of green and with a strong left to right wind I needed to play further left still, aiming at some trees and hope the wind moved the ball back to the green. The ball landed on the front left side of green and released across the green towards the hole. With the ball still rolling, for what seemed an age, I thought this could be close. Then rather bizarrely I said to my playing partners "where has the ball gone". But my best and lasting memory of the day was seeing how all of my friends, old and new, had waited to greet me in the clubhouse. They had even formed an orderly queue in the bar to make it easier for them all to say well done.

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Jim Chitty