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Hole in One

Darcy Smith

  • 11th
  • The hill course
  • 11
  • 173y
  • 29/09/2018

The hole was a long par three with a huge ditch to it's right and a tree just left if the only real pathway onto the green . 173 yards a man and a 6 iron i wasnt having the best round with some pretty harsh luck before this hole, i struck my 6 iron sweet as can be i felt proud of the shot as is sored through the sky when i saw it run onto the green it was awsome but when i heard it hit the flag and drop i felt unstoppable my first ever hole in one and eagle in the same shot!! I looked towards my friend and his parents they were in awe i laughed as if it was a dream then roared with happiness . For the rest of the game i couldnt keep the smile off of my face and my gane began to pick up imensly! Darcy Smith My Hole In One

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Darcy Smith