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Hole in One

Stephen Little

  • 15th
  • heworth
  • 15
  • 158y
  • 08/09/2018

The coronation Cup is an 18 hole Bogey competition which is not everyone's favourite however standing on the 14th Tee I was +2 but went on to bogey the hole which is classed as one of the easier holes on the course so I walked to the 15th Tee disappointed and also having lost the honour I was the last of the three ball to tee off, John put his tee shot 25ft left of the pin and Rob hit his onto the green short left some 40 ft away. Still a bit dismayed from my effort the hole before I checked my Garmin which read 156 to the centre of the green with the flag slightly further at probably 159 I pulled out a 5 iron and set myself up. I hit a good shot which I saw bounce on the front of the green and start to roll, but still thinking about the 14th I turned away thinking to myself well at least that's on the green. As we walked towards the green we were chatting and Rob said I can only see 2 balls on the green and you did not have enough club to run through the back, we got closer and Rob said that's in the hole at which I said its probable ran through so I headed towards the back of the green where there is a small hollow. Rob walked gingerly to the hole and let out an almighty" I told you" at which John and I went to the hole and there I saw my ball at the bottom of the cup, we just started shouting and jumping up and down. My first ever hole in one and the celebrations began.

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Stephen Little