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Hole in One


  • 13th
  • MidKent Golf Club
  • 13
  • 179y
  • 12/05/2018

My round was not going so well, only one par in the previous 12 holes! But on the 12th I’d just hit a nice approach shot into the green. So while waiting for the green to clear my swing felt good, with a slight breeze in my face I had a 5 iron in hand, the 13th is a totally blind hole so I could only see that the flag was middle right of the green. I couldn’t of hit this shot any sweeter, dead straight and didn’t leave the flag! One of my opponents also hit a good shot on to the green with the other two missing left. As we walked over the brow of the hill we could only see one ball on the green? So as we walked closer to the green discussing whether it was mine or his 12 feet away it would be me celebrating as he told me it was my ball in the hole!!

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