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Hole in One

Matthew Parkinson

  • 13th
  • Trentham Park Golf Club
  • 13
  • 154y
  • 0000-00-00

As I stood on the tee I originally had an 8 iron in my hand, which I normally hit 150 to 160 yards. There was wind against and I noticed one of my playing partners was hitting a 6 iron. I decided to change my club to a 7 iron, as the wind was quite strong. I hit a good, safe shot which pitched on the left bank to the side of the green, hoping that it would kick right onto the middle of the green. As it pitched it rolled to the right across the green and disappeared straight into the cup. I jumped up, shouted "Wow, get in!!!" and gave my playing partners the high fives, nearly breaking my hand in the process.

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Matthew Parkinson